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RDF-STaX uses and publications

Are you using RDF-STaX in your project or paper? We would be glad to list it here! Please open an issue with a link or a brief explanation of how you use RDF-STaX.

Papers using RDF-STaX

Projects using RDF-STaX


RiverBench is an open, community-driven RDF streaming benchmark suite. It uses RDF-STaX for annotating the stream types of the benchmark datasets. The RDF-STaX annotation system is integrated into the RiverBench metadata ontology.

Each dataset is assigned two stream type usages – one grouped RDF stream type and one flat RDF stream type. This is because in RiverBench each dataset can be viewed as either streaming or flat. Each dataset also has multiple distributions (flat or streaming) which are annotated with the corresponding stream type usage. The annotations are validated using SHACL, to make sure that the annotation is not contradictory (see the rules). For this, the stax:canBeFlattenedInto and stax:canBeGroupedInto properties are used, along with the taxonomical structure from SKOS.

Example usage (click to expand)

From dataset digital-agenda-indicators (source):

:dataset stax:hasStreamTypeUsage [
    a stax:RdfStreamTypeUsage ;
    rdfs:comment "The dataset can be viewed as a stream of graphs corresponding to statistical observations. Each graph is uniquely identified by its subject IRI."@en ;
    stax:hasStreamType stax:subjectGraphStream
] , [
    a stax:RdfStreamTypeUsage ;
    rdfs:comment "The dataset can be viewed as a flattened stream of triples."@en ;
    stax:hasStreamType stax:flatTripleStream
] .

The distribution annotations are generated automatically by the CI. You can find the complete generated metadata here.



RDF-STaX is used in nanopublications to annotate stream types in research works or software. You can find more information on the dedicated page about nanopublications.

Use case-based competency question tests

Based on the above use cases, a number of competency question tests were created. The tests are implemented as SPARQL queries and are used in Continuous Integration (CI) to test the RDF-STaX ontology. You can find a list of all the tests on this subpage. The documentation for creating new tests is available here.

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